Kullar 2013

  • Number of litters born:2
  • sows: 4
  • boars: 2
  • live: 6
  • Death: 1


B-litter born 2013-11-27

Mother: Caviecares Pal.

Father: Juliannas Galileo


Betty, sow, de golden/white (sold)

Bilbo, boar, goldenagouti/white (stays)

Blanca, sow, black himalaya (sold)



A-litter. Born 2013-08-01.

Mother: SCH Groth´s Bulta till NS. Father: SCH Meles Alex Silverhjärta.

Ayra, sow(stays)


Arianne, sow(sold)


Aston, boar(Sold as  a adoult, but came back after one year.)

One of the kid was dead at birth, coulor silveragouti/white.